Papermoon Puppet, Gardika Gigih and LOKAL have grown through similar substance and belief; the same value: Family.
It's the smallest organization built unpretentiously by time, teaching us not only how to live or to love; it also leads our way to leave a mark.
A legacy.
A good one we hope.

Bumi Langit is a self-sustained institution focusing on maintaining mutual relationship between man and nature. Warung Bumi - one of its subsidiaries - produces kefir, kombucha, and to-die-for sorghum raisin bread; all carefully made with zero state energy spirit.
Within their walls, you consume what you produce.

Heri Pemad, the man behind ArtJog Exhibition series realizes that presenting means preserving. "Universal Influence", the 9th ArtJog, successfully acclaimed for its contribution between sustaining a growing scene, and at the same time, served itself as a regeneration medium.

Projecting a sustainable life is our responsibility. To people, to the nature, to every living form in needs.
This story hopes you to be there when you decided to be away.

Welcome to LOKAL.